Under the Sea Party!

4 to 8 year olds

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   Disco and Games   

If you're looking for a party that will go swimmingly from start to finish, then you're in the right place! This is an under the sea themed disco and games party, hosted by an award-winning party professional to keep all the children entertained and engaged throughout! Booking with us gives you peace of mind that the children will have fun, the parents will be happy, you can enjoy the experience and the birthday child will have a birthday party to remember!


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Party Length: 2 hours

Maximum Attendance: 40 children

Set up / Pack down: 30 mins

Party Price: £265


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Party Games List

Younger Kids

  • Sea Witch Freeze

  • Doubly Bubbly Pearls

  • Shark Attack

  • Swimming Seahorses

  • Hidden Treasures

  • Starfish Vs Jellyfish Limbo

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Party Games List

Older Kids

  • Shark Attack

  • Doubly Bubbly Pearls

  • Sea Creature Scramble

  • Speedy Seahorses

  • Hidden Treasures

  • Strictly Come Starfish

  • Limbo

What's Included?

The Under the Sea disco and games party is action-packed with smiles, laughter and bubbles! The children will be fully engaged from the beginning to end with the fun starting the moment the party guests start to arrive! We get everyone together for our big friendly welcome and then dive straight into our first game! Five to six themed party games are played throughout with 'under the sea' themed props and music, all of which are smoothly interspersed with dancing sections to the kids favourite pop & action songs. The children are kept entertained at every moment and the birthday child is the star of the show for the entire party! 


Key Party Features

Colourful kids disco

Pop dance moves

Prize giveaways

Themed party games

Bubble machine

Energetic children's entertainer

Birthday child medal

Party invites

For more information on what's included, click below!


"We held a fabulous party with Awesome Amy yesterday and she truly lived up to her name! Everyone had a fantastic time with dancing and games and the children were all made to feel like winners."


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