Outer Space Party!

4 to 11 year olds

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   Disco and Games   

You've reached your destination! This is the ultimate disco and games party that is out of this world! We saw the devastating effects unorganised children's birthday parties were having on parents, so we decided to travel the universe in search of a solution! We found a powerful being named Awesome Amy, this being has incredible never before seen abilities to hold the attention of children, keep them fully entertained and blast the stress right out of the parents! This will shock you, we suggest you sit down... we didn't just find this magical children's entertainer... we brought her home to Earth! Hold onto your seat for this next bit... We are letting anyone who contacts us borrow her for their child's birthday party!!! 


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Party Length: 2 hours

Maximum Attendance: 40 children

Set up / Pack down: 30 mins

Party Price: £235


Party Games List

Younger Kids

  • Moon Walkers

  • Mission to the Stars

  • Rocket Launch

  • Orbiting Martians

  • Lost in Space

  • Alien Space Bounch

  • Moon Rock Scramble

  • Zero Gravity

  • Blast Off Limbo

Party Games List

Older Kids

  • Rocket Launch

  • Alien Space Bounce

  • Moon Rock Scramble

  • Zero Gravity

  • Solar System Scavengers

  • Out of the World

  • Big Bang Theory

  • Meteor Shower

  • Blast Off Limbo

The Outer Space disco and games party is jam-packed with astronomical energy and galactic fun! The children will be fully engaged from the beginning to end with the entertainment starting the moment the party guests start to arrive! We get everyone together for our big friendly welcome and then launch straight into the action! Five to six themed party games are played throughout with outer space themed props and music, all of which are smoothly interspersed with dancing sections to the kids favourite pop & action songs. The children are kept entertained at every moment and the birthday child is the star of the show for the entire party! Our parties garuantee a stress-free experience!


Key Party Features

Colourful kids disco

Pop dance moves

Prize giveaways

Outer Space party games

Bubbles, snow or smoke

Energetic children's entertainer

Birthday child medal

Party invites

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"Another amazing birthday party from Amy for my boys! Can't recommend Awesome Amy enough! Absolutely brilliant from start to finish!"


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What's Included?